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Big Sky Rockin’ Rendezvous is a unique, one of a kind experience, where you are offered workshops in all styles and elements of music in an intimate environment only Montana can offer! Big Sky Rockin’ Rendezvous offers every facet of playing styles and songwriting styles, from Rock, Country, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Americana, Jazz…and more… At Big Sky Rockin’ Rendezvous our goal is to have a workshop  that will broaden your horizons, and knowledge for the music you love, and take you to places you have only dreamed of!

“Whether you are a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic beginner, Big Sky Rockin Rendezvous varied curriculum offers workshops that will get you closer to where you want to be as a player and as a songwriter.”

Big Sky Rockin’ Rendezvous has made it our goal to offer instruction and mentoring for you from the most sought after and accomplished musicians, songwriters, and  recording artists in the world! In doing so, we want to keep each session limited to a few so that a true connection will occur.